Any mowing contractor who works their equipment hard through the long hot days of Summer knows that the performance of commercial mower transmissions can be significantly compromised during extended hot weather operating conditions.

Excessive heat can cause the transmission fluid to degrade, leading to reduced lubrication and increased friction within the transmission system.  This additional friction can lead to accelerated wear and damage to internal components.

High temperatures and overheating of transmission fluid, can result in poor power transfer from the engine to the wheels, and in some cases may even result in severe internal damage and require a full transmission replacement.

Effective temperature regulation of transmission fluid is vital for machines working in hot conditions. 

Hustler's industry exclusive HyperDrive Transmisison Cooling System does just that.  HyperDrive helps reduce the temperature of the oil in your transmissions, improving hot weather performance and extending the life of your transmissions.

Hustler's HyperDrive system regulates oil temperature in 6 important ways:

1. Industrial-Grade Slipper Piston Pumps

The HyperDrive System uses industrial-grade Danfoss DDC-20 transmissions and oversized slipper piston pumps, with each pump powering one drive-wheel.

2. Oil Cooler

The oil cooler integrated into the system is a full flow, high capacity 3” thick, 10” by 10” aluminum cooler that includes a filter screen.

3. Fan

A 12V, 9” fan with an integrated directional shroud draws air through 100% of the oil cooler.

4. Resevoir

The large 11 litre internal reservoir has a high micron cartridge filter and drain plug for easy maintenance, ensuring a cooler, cleaner, longer lasting system.

5. Wheel Motors

The HyperDrive System uses industrial quality Parker premium TG extra High-Torque wheels, with patented extra heavy-duty torque links and a 60:40 spline geometry providing industrial strength reliability, performance, and durability with significant axle, shaft, and bearing components.

6. Hot Oil Shuttle

An industry-exclusive feature, the wheel motors feature a pressurized line that carries hot oil directly to the cooling system, which moderates temperatures and promotes extended life and performance.


It's no fluke that Hustler commercial mowers perform longer, stronger and more reliably in the extreme heat of Summer.  It's all thanks to HyperDrive.

HyperDrive is exclusive to Hustler and protects your business against down time, day after day and year after year.  In all weather conditions.

If you've ever thought you need equipment that wont let you down when the mercury rises, trust Hustler and invest in a Hustler HyperDrive commercial zero turn.



For an onsite demonstration of a Hustler HyperDrive mower, just reach out and we'll come to you.

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